Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Little Family

I could always remember the international debt ceiling or who said what at the summit of eight or who was filibustering in congress. While dying on a daily 200 calories --while i was out walking in below zero temps or dangerously high heat indexes-- cartoon ideas flooded to me--my brain could not figure how to live without anorexia but it could knock the shit out of political cartooning ---and it always did.
My ability to think and draw and starve were my little family--those three things never left me--never died on me, never criticized, never said,  ''That's it.'' The rest of my life could be whirling like a tornado--but my little family never abandoned me.  ''Hey, baby, you can ALWAYS THINK AND DRAW AND STARVE---we are your rocks.''  Like Jesus said--those three told me that they, ''would never leave you or forsake you.'' Yet starving would always say that without her the other two wouldn't be worthy enough by themselves--but that was okay--all of us in the little family knew that, completely understood and accepted it. Starving was the Queen--she brought worth--she had the power. She was in charge of the little family and we loved her---could barely live WITH her---but most certainly could not live WITHOUT her.

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