Thursday, January 5, 2012

Starving Baby

‎''Starving Baby'' Let's begin.

The day after i graduated from high school i became a top-notch, hard -core ANOREXIC. And i worked it with every ounce of my being for 18 years. Walking, jogging, bike riding just plain damn starving i took my original 110 pounds down to a brittle, anemic, jaundiced 78. No diet pills, no appetite blocks just an iron will that said,''if you want a gram of worthiness--don't eat.'' Exhausted from having to burn off every calorie i took in of the 200 i took in daily i resorted to feasting on frozen diet coke---it crunched like food but no calorie worries. I slept on the floor--classic anorexic behavior---not worthy of the bed. When visiting friends--i would get into bed and after they were asleep--back down to the floor--the only place that accepted me.
My tail bone began to wear through my skin---no padding left . So i taped a big wad of gauze on my butt and kept going. My finger tips and toes split open--oh,well--what the hell--i was controlling it,babe-- Scraping my nails across the uncertainties of life while careening into the abyss below..
Anorexia has the HIGHEST fatality rate of any mental illness --it is possible to survive it--i did just barely---although not without many battle scars--but it is quite often swept under the rug---people cannot bring themselves to try to understand the intensity of its origin.
So , that being said--i am beginning a series of illustrations and cartoons about this disease--being in the pit of it --and climbing up from it--called ''Starving Baby''--which i was and still am kinda. Somewhere out there in cyber world i want a gal to read this and say, ''yeah--that's me--she gets it'' Because , baby, do i ever.

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  1. I like your blog, love your cartoons..
    Hang in there!