Monday, April 2, 2012

Little Trophies

I had these pants that had buttons on the pockets right over the points of my pelvic bone. Those buttons would rub raw spots when my bones were sticking out far enough. Like little trophies. I was worthy for a while .


  1. Marlo here, I had a pair of shorts size 6. Not that small but tiny for a girl who was friendly in the past with 200 plus pounds. Every night after exercising before bed I would try those blue shorts on never with unzipping them. You see I had to be able to pull them on unzipped and then they had to drop very quickly to the floor when I let go. If not I just was not thin enough. My blue shorts were my measuring stick each night. Just what was I really measuring?

  2. That is the REAL question , Marlo. What were we measuring--self worth ?--the right to exist? Anie is so deep and dark and complicated. xo