Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What Would You Say?

If you could sum up what Anorexia is really about in one sentence--what would you say... Tell me. Here's what I would say:  For me Anie was always about loss--loss of control, loss of everything that I couldn't stop.


  1. I would say something like for me it is finding myself. Starving the fat, my flesh to the bones to see who am I under the surface. Silly thing but I feel anorexia for me could mean this. Bulimia and to get rid of all the shame and dirt what I have got.

  2. Marlo here, for me my eating disorder was about control. Every time I did not eat, every time I did and quietly threw it all back up in the upstairs toliet it was me being in control. No one could take that control away. The thirty odd times a day that I weighed myself let me know just how much in control I was. Funny now that I'm healthy I realize just how out of control I was.