Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Edge of the Cliff

My body withstood Anie for years--I was weak but I could stay at it. ''I'm doing it--I'm doing it.'' But one day--my loyal body that hung with me through the rigors of Anie  just Announced,''That's it.'' Beware the day your body throws down the gauntlet. All addictions reach this point--ALL OF THEM. My long abused 78 pounds came roaring back at me with a host of ailments. EVERY DAY something else was wrong. Name a body part and it went out on me. I woke up with egg sized lumps in front of my ears. ''SIALADENITIS''. Decreased food intake lowers the demand for saliva so the salivary glands block. I was on the edge of the cliff now and my own body was pushing me over.

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