Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I Could Not Stop and Neither Could She

On February 4th, 1983 I heard a news teaser. ''Pop star dies--details at six.'' I knew it was her. I had seen a Christmas special with her and I knew she had it. I was lying in bed watching all those sharp bone angles. I looked at her waist--I hoped mine was that small--I hoped my face was that gaunt. When I heard she was dead-it scared me. I did not consciously want to die...but I couldn't stop. That deep, powerful voice that could fill your soul--gone now. Maybe soon to be me too. Because I could not stop. They went on and on about it until I did not want to hear anymore about how or why Karen Carpenter had died. Because she had what I had-I had what she had and I could not stop.

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